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NyRoC – Know Your Risk of Clotting

Video Instructions

Warnings & Precautions

• This test is intended for In Vitro diagnostic use only.
• Caution must be taken when handling human blood in case of  infectious diseases.
• Dispose of the kit components in accordance with the state and/or federal laws.

Kit Includes

1. NyRoC Device in a Foil Pouch
2. Blood Collection Container with Reagent and Dropper
3. Touch Activated Lancets
4. Alcohol Swabs
5. Gauze
6. Bandages
7. Product Insert

Specimen Collection and Preparation:

1. Wash hands with soap and water then dry them. Choose the puncture site on the desired finger and wipe it with the alcohol swab. It is preferable to use the inside tip of the middle or ring finger.

2. Hold the touch activated lancet and twist off the tab to break the seal. Discard the sealing cap.

3. Position safety lancet firmly against puncture site. Push the lancet until a click is heard. Dispose of the safety lancet appropriately.

4. Position the lanced finger over the collection container. Add 2 drops of blood to the collection container. In case there is not enough blood or if the blood clots, use a fresh lancet on a different finger immediately.

5. Add the dropper.

6. Close with white cap.

6. Close with white cap.

7. Gently invert the collection tube containing blood to mix with the reagent. DO NOT SHAKE.

8. With the device laying on the flat surface (with oval opening facing up as illustrated). Add 4 drops of blood from collection container to the device. NOTE: Allow blood to be absorbed before adding the next drop. Wait 5-10 minutes.

9. Pull the tab and flip the device to view the result.

Read the Results.

Results Validity.

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